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Your New Office In Kuala Lumpur Awaits You

We offer You startup support, business services, legal and regulatory advice, market research and intelligence all in a modern equipped and furnished space in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.


You will find yourself in a dynamic and inspiring environment surrounded by a vast network of other entrepreneurs and likeminded innovators.

We're here to help You with all the the 'nitty gritty' stuff setting up a company and running it's daily practicalities encompass, so You can focuse on what's really important - Your core operations and growing Your business.

For a company entering a new market or taking its first steps in a new environment, finding a suitable, fully furnished and equipped office space where other similar companies reside, is highly beneficial and sought after. For a startup, finding the best location and being in the right business community can make or brake the success of the operations.

Are you looking into entering the Malaysian market or to set up an office in KL? In that case the Nordic House is your go-to startup centre, ICT, new media and emerging technology incubator, business hub and networking platform! 

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