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About Nordic House Sdn Bhd

What is Nordic House ?

We are a Business Consulting and Incoming Office located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, the gateway to ASEAN. We provide our clients with market entry support, market research and intelligence, business development and coaching as well as corporate services and co-working spaces in Kuala Lumpur, all with a hands-on and case-by-case approach.

We cater to clients from all industrial sectors but we are specialised in Healthcare, Aged Care, Hospitality and Project Management, Marine Construction and Shipbuilding, Concept Development and Design, Property Development, Manufacturing, ICT, New Media and Innovation Technology. 

Why we know what we are talking about ?

We have ourselves been in the same position as many other private companies and entrepreneurs expanding abroad - faced with endless challenges and an overwhelming amount of tasks that comes with opening a new company in a foreign country.

Realising that our field of operation was too niche market for any of the large consultant offices to understand our business concept and field of operation, we decided to go solo and do the work ourselves - starting from government incentive applications, manufacturing licences and production contracts to dealing with the immigration department for work permits and visit passes for our Expatriate personnel and foreign workers. 

Today, we have over 20 years’ of business and top-management experience in Europe and over 12 years of hands-on, experience based expertise in starting and managing companies, leading projects, negotiating contracts, sourcing products, services and manufacturers, preparing corporate applications (e.g. tax and investment incentives, manufacturing and business licences, immigration), and establishing government and other business relations.


We have personally managed and lead businesses, projects and contracts worth over USD 100 million in Malaysia and Asia. That is why we are the preferred partner for You when establishing your presence here.

Read more about our founders and experts here.

How to find us ?

Our office is centrally located in Kuala Lumpur, well connected to the main road and rail traffic networks in the heart of the city. See our location on the map here.

Why is Malaysia and Kuala Lumpur the ideal place to be ?

Malaysia is located at the core of the ASEAN region, offering companies easy access to a massive market with a population of over 641 million. Malaysia is also strategically situated by the Strait of Malacca acting as a bridge between Asia and the world. 

Kuala Lumpur (KL) is a vibrant, dynamic region and the ideal location for any company, small or large, to set up its regional base when entering the Malaysian, ASEAN or Asian markets.

The Greater KL area is an energising growth centre and regional business hub, where innovation, expertise and multi-cultural talent is constantly developed and encouraged, infrastructure and communication networks are well-developed, new business setup is prompt and regional authorities as well as the Government support private entrepreneurship and partnerships through various incentives, support programs and business friendly policies. 


KL is a great place to be, both for the company and its employees, offering a great quality of life, endless opportunities and a central location on the map. 

nordic house business center kl networking, government contacts and the business community all at your reach
nordic house business center kl
nordic house business center kl
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